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Real estate in Fatih


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Buy an apartment in Fatih district of Istanbul

Most people have already been to Turkey. This is a really great, very warm, sunny resort country. Here are the best hotels, shopping centers, a lot of brand stores. The main advantage of living in Turkey is that it is always warm, respectively, always available fresh fruits and vegetables. And the prices are quite reasonable.

If you decide to buy real estate in this country, then pay attention to apartments in Istanbul in the Fatih area. Here there is everything you need to live as a couple or a family. In addition, this area is arranged in such a way that life here will be to the liking of even retirees.

Район Фатих Стамбул

Buying an apartment in Istanbul (secondary or secondary housing) or from a developer is always an interesting and profitable option for those who want to put money into a reliable investment that will bear fruit after the sale. In Istanbul are popular services such as “rent a room or apartment“, that is, renting apartments or apartments.

Apartment in Istanbul are separate topics for publications, so let’s focus on the features of this city of contrasts. Subtropical warm sea climate, marvelous mountains, green forests, stunning beaches, many world sights (mosques, museums, Christian temples, fortresses, palaces). All this is adjacent to modern skyscrapers and stepped universities, financial centers and elite new buildings, shopping, entertainment, cultural and sports facilities. New subway lines and modern road interchanges are regularly launched in Istanbul.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul: the goals and benefits of the Fatih district

Fatih district is an ideal option for those who prefer to live where the main Turkish attractions are within easy reach. The world’s most famous Sultanahmet Square is present here. In addition, the main city symbols are located in this neighborhood:

  • Sultanahmet Blue Mosque;
  • Aya Sofia Mosque (former Hagia Sophia Cathedral).

In addition, there is a large number of catering establishments. And everyone will be able to find the perfect place for himself, which will definitely be “to his liking”. In this area there are budget cafes, as well as elite establishments that will surprise even quite demanding travelers.

Traffic on the streets of this area is quite busy, so you can always get stuck in traffic without problems, and for a long time. But you can walk, and from home to the main attractions and places of rest – “hand in hand”. Also one of the disadvantages – the lack of subway, and with the help of ground transportation is also not always comfortable to move, as often traffic jams.

All these disadvantages are redeemed by the sights that are here at “every step”.

Район Фатих Стамбул

Fatih, features

It can be said that the neighborhood is characterized by conservatism. Here you can even see women in closed traditional clothes. There are enough unique places here, but the neighborhood is quite poor, so few modern buildings are built here. In addition, now Fatih is known as a religious district, as there is a quarter of Karsamba. This quarter is famous for bearded men in heavy coats, classic pants.

Fatih neighborhood is the most popular among tourists of all the neighborhoods in Istanbul. Here are the main historical sights and bazaars in the neighborhoods of Sultanahmet, Eminönü, Aksaray and Laleli.

Fatih is very much loved by tourists. This place is considered to be the main attraction of Istanbul. There are also a large number of stores with clothes and shoes, so the neighborhood is considered the best for shopping lovers. There are a total of 57 neighborhoods in this area.

The oldest part of Fatih is the Eminönü neighborhood. From here it actually started to gradually sprawl. One of the most important attractions of this neighborhood is the Grand Bazaar, the spice market. These places are definitely worth a visit, not only for permanent residents, but also for travelers.

Район Фатих Стамбул

In Sultanahmet you will find the Blue Mosque, the Aya Sofia Cathedral (now a mosque), the Sultan’s harem in Topkapi Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the Suleymaniye Mosque, and the Church of the Savior in Chora.

If you want to buy clothes and gifts, you should go to Laleli quarter. There are no shopping malls here, it is a huge block of three four-storey stores. It sells clothes, shoes, textiles, leather goods, jewelry, fur coats and fur products, and much more. Also a popular shopping destination is the Grand Bazaar. If you are demanding for quality, it is better to buy them in shopping centers in other districts: “Gallery” in Atakey, “Citys” in Nishantashi, “Cevahir” in Şişli, “Istinye Park” and “Canyon” in Levent district, “Akmarkez”, “Metro City”, “Mall of Istanbul”.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul’s Fatih district safely

Of course, now there is a large number of scammers everywhere, including realtors. Almost everyone is trying to cheat, especially if you want to buy real estate is a citizen of another country. Therefore, the purchase of an apartment in Turkey should be approached responsibly, as seriously as possible. The best solution is to use the services of our real estate agency.

We have been working on the real estate market in Istanbul for many years and we value our reputation, so we guarantee each client a crystal clear deal. Addressing to us, it is enough only to specify the basic requirements regarding the apartment, and very soon it will be selected taking into account all the nuances, desires, budget. Our services include the sale of rental apartments (apartments), apartments (apartments), duplex, loft, penthouse, studio, houses (villas), townhouses, commercial real estate, hotel (hotel), restaurant (cafe), income house, store, production, office, warehouse, land.

Район Фатих Стамбул

Premium real estate in Istanbul, price

Elite premium apartments in Istanbul can be bought for 120 – 150 thousand euros. There are also exclusive projects, like villas overlooking the Bosphorus price for 1.5 million euros. Luxury apartments on the first line of the sea in Istanbul with panoramic sea views are in Bakirkey. Apartments and commercial real estate in Istanbul, Esenyurt district in a new luxury residential complex price 42,500 €. No matter how you imagine an ideal place to live, it is not easy to find a place like Istanbul in the world! Do you like the European way of life? Want to buy real estate in Istanbul by the sea? Welcome.

Profitable investments in real estate in Istanbul. Selling renting an apartment

Why is investing in an Istanbul apartment always promising and profitable?

The advantages of this decision are several: wonderful location, excellent mild climate, huge cultural and historical heritage, vigorously developing economy, organizing good conditions for healthy competition in business.

All these points make Istanbul as one of the best vectors for real estate investment, even if you want to find an apartment inexpensively. The only thing is that you need to initially understand the purpose of your purchase and based on this to look for options relative to the prospects of location, area, condition, etc. Profitable will be as the purchase of an apartment with further resale, as well as renting the apartment.

Fatih district on the map

Should you buy an apartment in Istanbul?

You will be able to answer this question after you have been here and become imbued with this amazing ancient city, which is located at the crossroads of two cultures. But no matter how you imagine an exemplary place to live, there is nowhere like Istanbul!

Do you like the European way of life? Do you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul by the sea?

Then these areas of the city will do:

Do you want to get closer to Asian culture?

Then Istanbul’s neighborhoods such as:

Apartments for sale in Istanbul

Buying an apartment in Istanbul is an opportunity to invest in real estate in one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. How much does an apartment in Istanbul cost? The price may vary depending on the neighborhood and type of housing. From cheap studio apartments in Fatih district to expensive apartments in the city center. The cost of apartments in Istanbul starts from 120 thousand dollars. You can buy an apartment in Istanbul through intermediaries or directly from the developer. Real estate in Turkey attracts many foreign investors, and the price of housing continues to grow. The city offers many options, from large villas to cozy studios.

Living in Istanbul

Living in Istanbul is a combination of culture and modernity. An apartment in Istanbul can be your home or an investment. Neighborhoods such as Sultanahmet and Fatih offer affordable housing with sea views. Whether you rent or buy, the choice is yours. Istanbul is a city where the middle class can afford comfortable housing near the center. Photos of apartments and sea views can help you choose. Here you can find good housing options that fit your needs and budget.


Buying an apartment in Istanbul is a profitable investment. Real estate in Turkey attracts many foreign investors. The price of housing is on the rise, especially in the central neighborhoods. One-room apartments, studios, apartments – all these can be bought inexpensively now and sold more expensive later. Neighborhoods near the sea, such as Fatih and Sultanahmet, are especially popular. The price here may be higher, but the return on investment is guaranteed. Developers offer a variety of properties, from inexpensive to luxurious.

Apartments in Istanbul

Apartments in Istanbul offer a variety of choices. From cheap options in the Fatih neighborhood to luxury villas by the sea. The price depends on many factors including location and area. Intermediaries can help you find the right one for you. You can buy real estate in Istanbul cheaply if you know where to look. Real estate agencies offer a full range of services, from finding an apartment to processing the transaction. Ads on websites can also be helpful.

Selections of apartments and apartments in Istanbul

Selections of apartments and apartments in Istanbul can include a variety of options. From cheap studio apartments to luxury apartments. Price, neighborhood, sea view – all can be taken into account when choosing. Photos and a map will help you navigate. In Istanbul you can find housing for every taste and purse. From cheap studios in the Aksaray area to luxury apartments in the center. The price may vary, but there is always a possibility to find something suitable. The area of apartments can range from 40 square meters to several hundred.

Reviews of buyers

Reviews from buyers who have already made a purchase in Istanbul can be helpful. Price, neighborhood, intermediaries – all this affects the satisfaction with the purchase. Reviews will help you make the right choice. You can find a variety of housing options in Istanbul, from cheap to expensive. Reviews from other buyers can help you find the perfect one. Favorable offers from developers and agencies can be found on various websites.

✅ Comparison of Russian-speaking neighborhoods in Istanbul

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  • FAQ about real estate in Istanbul

    Wealthy buyers are interested in purchasing residential properties in the Sarıyer region on the European side of the Bosphorus. The cost per square meter here exceeds 3.5 thousand dollars.

    The cost of the purchased property depends on the type and location of the property, including the prestige of the area, the distance from the sea, the development of infrastructure, and other factors. We are ready to help you find the real estate that suits your desires.

    It is not possible to give a definitive answer to this question. Each district of Istanbul is different from one another, and housing prices vary according to location. If you prefer a calm pace of life, you can look at apartments on the Prince Islands or in the Bosphorus area. You might prefer Kadıköy, Istanbul’s oldest district, where there is no tourist influx and where the colors of the east come together. Prestigious residences can be purchased in the Şişli and Beşiktaş districts.

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