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How to buy an apartment in Turkey 2023-2024

The year 2022 has become a turning point for the prices of apartments in Turkey and their rent. Due to the rapid and large influx of foreigners and a number of other reasons, the real estate market in all regions of the country grew by 127%. But, even despite such an unreasonably high price increase, due to the difference in the exchange rate, buying an apartment in Turkey is still a reasonable purchase.

On the basis of article 2644, 35 of the Turkish Land Registry Law, any foreigner has the right to buy real estate, subject to all legal restrictions. To buy an apartment in Turkey, a foreigner does not need to have a residence permit. Restrictions apply to the size of the acquired property, which should not exceed 30 hectares. As well as the territory, it should not be located or adjacent to secret zones.

Apartments in Turkey in rubles 2023

It is most profitable to buy objects from developers, so you can control the entire process of apartment design. The most popular destinations for buying an apartment in a residential complex or a house for foreigners are cities such as Istanbul, AntalyaAlanya, and Mersin.

  1. Istanbul is not only a concentration of attractions, but also the center of Turkey in the commercial direction. Therefore, it ranks first in the ranking of real estate purchases by foreigners. Accordingly, the average cost per square meter is growing as fast as the number of tourists arriving. The average cost per sq. m. The meter is 66.181 rubles for 2022. The average total cost of housing is 7,926,110 rubles .
  2. In Antalya and Alanya, the proximity of the sea plays a big role, so the average cost has increased by 245% and 59,974 rubles are asked per square meter, and the apartment is 7,196,961 rubles.
  3. Mersin began to gain popularity due to the construction of gas stations and the arrival of foreign workers, which caused the cost of housing to rise by 229.62% and now amounts to 36,738 rubles per square meter, about the average apartment costs 5,143,394 rubles.

And what to pay attention to during the transaction

Despite the obvious high price, apartments in many regions are quickly sold out. What you need to pay attention to when buying a property in order not to fall into the clutches of apartment scammers.

  1. Contact only trusted real estate agencies abroad.
  2. Before making a deal, decide on your place of residence. Will the Turkish apartment serve for recreation, or will it be a full-fledged apartment for permanent residence? The region, proximity to the sea and the population should also not be excluded from attention.
  3. Study market trends, play ahead of price increases. Study all the nuances of the future transaction, if you do not understand it yourself, ask the agent.
  4. A properly drawn up purchase and sale agreement will save you from many problems. Before paying, check in which currency you will do it.
  5. Personally visit the place of future residence or construction site.

Buy an apartment in Turkey

If all the conditions are met and the place of residence in Turkey is determined, you need to collect the necessary documents to complete the transaction. A Russian-speaking Turkish real estate agent will make this procedure several times easier. What documents will be required:

  • The real estate act.
  • ID card or passport (with translation).
  • The certificate of the real estate market received from the municipality.
  • The policy of compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK).
  • The act on the valuation of real estate (considered valid for 3 months after the date of issue).
  • The act indicating the cost must be registered in the TAKBIS system of the Main Land Cadastre Department.
  • If you are not acting on your own behalf, then the original power of attorney and a certified copy of it issued abroad.
  • If the buyer does not speak Turkish, then the transaction must be accompanied by a sworn translator.

After collecting all the documents, you need to take a referral to the cadastral office, you can do this by calling 181 in the country and +90 312 593 99 00 from abroad.

Apartments for sale in Turkey on the secondary market

Despite the attractiveness of sales of apartments in Turkey from the developer, the “secondary” of Turkey also does not lose its relevance. If, in the case of the purchase of a new object, the buildings are located on the periphery of settlements, with an undeveloped infrastructure. That secondary housing can be picked up in already equipped and inhabited areas, seeing all the pros and cons.

Before you purchase a property, contact an agency where you will be relieved of all the associated hassle for a small amount.

  • FAQ about real estate in Turkey

    The preference of Kazakhs for Turkish real estate is due to several reasons. First, the investment market in Kazakhstan is experiencing a deep stagnation and faces high risks, so reinvesting earned capital in another country is less risky. Second, Turkey is close to Kazakhs in terms of mentality. The historical factor of Turkic-speaking peoples has common roots and past. A large Kazakh diaspora has formed in Turkey. Additionally, learning Turkish is easy because Kazakh and Turkish belong to the same language group. Third, real estate prices are almost identical to the prices of premium housing in Kazakhstan. 👉

    The demand for real estate in Turkey by foreigners has increased in recent years. Over the last five years, housing prices in Turkey have continued to rise, and 2021 was no exception. According to the country’s statistical institution, the increase reaches 15-20% annually. Real estate prices in Turkey do not differ on websites of real estate agencies, construction companies, or directly from owners. However, when choosing real estate in Turkey, it’s important to understand that there are unique features of the purchase that affect the cost of housing. 👉

    As of 2023, the cheapest real estate purchased by foreigners in Turkey is located in the province of Mersin. In 2023, a new international airport was opened in Mersin. The city’s population exceeds 1 million people. 👉

    The cost of an apartment or house bought from a construction company in Turkey will be much more advantageous compared to similar ready-to-move-in residential properties offered on the secondary market. In any region of the country: in seaside holiday resorts or in the historical centers of Turkey. Various real estate options are available for sale. Due to the warm climate on the Mediterranean coast, houses are built with thinner walls, which saves on insulation materials. 👉

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