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Apartment Turkey

Turkey is a unique, attractive and quite colorful country that is able to fall in love with itself from the very first visit and for life. It impresses not only with nature, but also with local attractions, non-standard traditions, culture, special cuisine and more. Special Oriental traditions are successfully intertwined here, and there are also notes of European life. This is perfectly reflected in real estate in Turkey, which combines true Oriental traditions, foundations, as well as modern innovations that arrived here from Europe. In addition, many people decide to buy real estate in Turkey due to the special climate, rich cultural heritage, and the sea.

Many residents of the CIS countries go for these living conditions offered by Turkey. Moreover, when buying an apartment in Turkey, you will have access to all the advantages of living in a sunny, warm place 24/7, 365 days a year. Having an apartment in Istanbul or any other city in Turkey, you will forever forget about the adverse weather, harsh winter and other climatic problems. For a comfortable life in winter, only a few warm tracksuits and a windbreaker will be enough. Moreover, there is no need to even worry about how to heat an apartment or any other real estate in Turkey. Naturally, there is no central heating in Istanbul and other cities of this country. Electric convectors and other similar devices are quite enough to heat apartments. There are also many other indisputable reasons why it is definitely worth buying a property in Turkey. Moreover, there are really many offers of apartments on the real estate market in Turkey. Apartment options are offered for every taste and budget, no matter which city you would choose to live in.

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Buy an apartment in Turkey

The main feature of buying a property in Turkey is that it is also a great investment that foreigners should definitely consider. Since this is a warm and colorful country, 10 of the 12 months of the year in Turkey are resorts here. Accordingly, it is not necessary to buy real estate in Turkey in order to live in it, you can consider this option in order to rent it out. Thanks to this, foreigners become owners of excellent real estate in Turkey, but also an object that can turn into your regular passive income. It is not necessary to buy an apartment with an area of more than 30-40 squares, you can choose an option in a fairly compact complex, most often such budget solutions are rented. Even if in the future you want to sell housing in the complex, there will be no difficulties with a small apartment at all. The sale can be carried out even online through trusted agencies.

In addition, buying a house in Turkey is a great opportunity to go on vacation to a sunny country at any time. No matter what season you want to go to the resort, you can always do it, and for this you just need to buy plane tickets, the project in Turkey will already be waiting for you.

The advantage of living in Turkey, buying real estate in an eastern country is as follows:

  • excellent climatic conditions in Turkey;
  • access to the sea is almost 24/7;
  • real estate in Turkey is always offered
  • access in Turkey to luxury products that are always fresh and available in any market in the country;
  • There is a huge real estate market in Turkey, where everyone can find the option that will best meet the conditions and requirements.

There are an incredible number of ready-made residential complexes in the country and almost every one of them guarantees ideal living conditions.

When choosing a property in Turkey, please note that in this country the locals are as friendly as possible to all people, which is also a significant advantage. They are always ready to help every traveler who wants to buy an expat property and not only. Accordingly, an apartment in Turkey or any other project for Russians is an excellent solution that you will never regret.

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Apartments for sale in Turkey on the secondary market

Real estate websites in Turkey offer a huge range of secondary and primary real estate for Russians and other foreign citizens. You can choose real estate options at different prices, there is a project for every taste. The catalogs offer apartments in Turkey to choose from: one-room, two-room, three-room, four-room and more. You can easily find the project that will completely suit you in terms of cost and other characteristics. In addition, there is a great opportunity to buy a house in Turkey in a prestigious or residential area, away from the city center. There are real estate options in Turkey of various sizes, small, medium, large. The most expensive real estate options are here near the Aegean Sea.

There are many real estate offers, but it is better to determine in advance for yourself the main points, the parameters that you need to rely on when choosing an apartment. Offers for the residential complex are particularly popular on sale. The thing is that every modern complex has a well-developed infrastructure. An apartment in a residential complex is always close to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shops and more. In addition, almost every complex has its own parking area. You can choose a complex with its own security, a lot of surveillance cameras, which is especially important for people who are worried about security. There are few such offers on the secondary market, but the modern complex, which was recently built, definitely contains all the most important and necessary things. But if you are interested in real estate in Turkey that is ready for a full life, then, of course, it is better to choose objects on the secondary market.

Apartments in Turkey: prices in dollars

Real estate prices in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast are very diverse. There are quite budget options in Istanbul, Alanya, and there are also the most expensive ones in other cities of the country. The cost of buying an apartment or a house directly depends on where you have chosen the property, where exactly it is located, how many square meters it has, whether it is equipped with everything you need, whether it has household appliances, infrastructure is developed in its area of the city. Only after clarifying all these details will it be possible to find out the real cost of buying an apartment in Turkey. On verified sites that deal with real estate, there are now special filters with which you can immediately choose a project to your liking, to which high-quality photos will be attached, as well as a detailed description, sq m and other characteristics are indicated. If you still have certain questions about choosing a real estate project in a complex in Turkey, experienced realtors will always come to the rescue. Cooperating with trusted companies, the sale of real estate in Turkey is carried out only legally, officially. All data is recorded in the purchase and sale documents. The whole procedure for buying an object will not last long and in the morning you will be able to enter an apartment in Turkey. After purchasing a room, apartment or house, you will be able to gradually discover all the delights of life in a sunny country on the coast.

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Average apartment prices in Turkey in 2022

A trusted company will always select the best facilities at a favorable price for foreigners, taking into account which area of the city you like the most. All the details will be taken into account when buying, starting from the number of rooms, ending with indoor air conditioning. Of course, on the territory of Turkey, Istanbul is the place where the most facilities are offered. The city of Alanya also impresses with its range of real estate. An experienced seller will always listen to the wishes of the client and select only those projects for foreigners that fully meet the requirements. It is worth noting that in most situations, buying real estate in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey opens up a unique opportunity — obtaining citizenship in the country. It is not always possible to obtain Turkish citizenship, in some situations only a residence permit and buying an apartment in the complex will not affect this.

Do you want to buy a property in Turkey at an affordable price and do not want to get into an unpleasant situation at the same time? For a foreigner who does not know the Turkish language at all, and also does not have certain knowledge about buying a house or apartment, it is best to seek help from a trusted agency. There are really a lot of companies that present various housing offers now. But it is more profitable for buyers to consider housing only in trusted agencies. Otherwise, you risk not only not buying a property in Turkey, but also losing the funds that you had. But it’s worth remembering that choosing the right agency in Turkey is also not easy. It is necessary to study all reviews about the company from real buyers in advance and only after you are convinced of the reliability of the agency, use its services. One of the safest solutions is our real estate agency Real East. There are suggestions for each person here.

Reliable companies offer the sale of housing on optimal terms, do not inflate prices, have in their catalog housing in large complexes, with household appliances, as well as budget solutions. Most often, inexpensive apartments are housing with an area of less than 40 square meters. Such an apartment at a bargain price can be accurately considered for married couples without children, as well as single people who do not necessarily need to have a project for many rooms.

  • FAQ about real estate in Turkey

    The preference of Kazakhs for Turkish real estate is due to several reasons. First, the investment market in Kazakhstan is experiencing a deep stagnation and faces high risks, so reinvesting earned capital in another country is less risky. Second, Turkey is close to Kazakhs in terms of mentality. The historical factor of Turkic-speaking peoples has common roots and past. A large Kazakh diaspora has formed in Turkey. Additionally, learning Turkish is easy because Kazakh and Turkish belong to the same language group. Third, real estate prices are almost identical to the prices of premium housing in Kazakhstan. 👉

    The demand for real estate in Turkey by foreigners has increased in recent years. Over the last five years, housing prices in Turkey have continued to rise, and 2021 was no exception. According to the country’s statistical institution, the increase reaches 15-20% annually. Real estate prices in Turkey do not differ on websites of real estate agencies, construction companies, or directly from owners. However, when choosing real estate in Turkey, it’s important to understand that there are unique features of the purchase that affect the cost of housing. 👉

    As of 2023, the cheapest real estate purchased by foreigners in Turkey is located in the province of Mersin. In 2023, a new international airport was opened in Mersin. The city’s population exceeds 1 million people. 👉

    The cost of an apartment or house bought from a construction company in Turkey will be much more advantageous compared to similar ready-to-move-in residential properties offered on the secondary market. In any region of the country: in seaside holiday resorts or in the historical centers of Turkey. Various real estate options are available for sale. Due to the warm climate on the Mediterranean coast, houses are built with thinner walls, which saves on insulation materials. 👉

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