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Land for sale in Istanbul

The enigmatic and magical Istanbul stretches from the Bosphorus Strait to the junction of the Marmara and Black Seas. The city blends modern buildings with ancient architecture. Istanbul has long captivated attention and lured tourists with its unique charm. The city will effortlessly win the heart of anyone who visits it even once. The land in Istanbul, offered for sale by our real estate agency Real East, is a prime piece!

Istanbul is the largest industrial, commercial, and port city, thus attracting people with its career opportunities. Land for sale in Istanbul is popular not only among local residents but also among visitors to the city. Today, Istanbul is considered a comfortable place to live with high business activity.

Today, foreign investors are actively interested in buying land in Istanbul. The city is known for its many underground attractions. Thanks to Turkey’s lenient government policies, buying land in Istanbul is straightforward.

What to Consider When Buying Land in Istanbul

Not every plot of land in Istanbul can be purchased for residential construction. Land in Istanbul is divided into two types, depending on its purpose:

  • Land for construction, or ARSA
  • Land for agriculture, or TARLA

Each category of land has its own peculiarities when it comes to purchasing.


ARSA refers to plots of land intended for the construction of residential houses and commercial buildings with an area of up to three hectares. All land available for sale in Istanbul has its own cadastral number and is registered in the state registry. ARSA lands are divided into plots for the construction of commercial buildings and private buildings.

When buying land in Istanbul for commercial construction, it will be intended for the erection of offices, shops, hotels, and other commercial buildings. The land’s purpose is indicated in the property deed. Residential areas are labeled “Konut imarli arsa,” and commercial buildings are “Ticari imarli arsa.” You can learn more about this from the specialists at our Real East agency.


TARLA refers to plots of land provided for agricultural needs—pastures, livestock, crop cultivation. The cost of TARLA category land is significantly lower compared to land for residential construction. Land in Istanbul for agricultural needs is provided with an area of up to 30 hectares.

Lands that are state-owned are not available for sale, such as Istanbul’s underground attractions, forests, beaches, and pastures. Such lands can only be leased long-term.

How to Buy Land in Istanbul

To buy land in Istanbul, you only need to have a foreign passport. The land is processed similarly to buying an apartment or house. The procedure involves signing a purchase and sale agreement and consists of two stages:

  1. Submission of documents
  2. Conclusion of the deal
  3. Registration of land ownership

Documents must be submitted to the Cadastral Agency where the land is located. Legislation requires the mandatory presence of a certificate of the cadastral value of the plot. After completing the transaction and payment procedures, the new owner receives the TAPU land certificate. The re-registration takes a few days. Our company, Real East, will help you gather all the necessary documents and choose the best plot of land in Istanbul for purchase.

To register land in Istanbul for agricultural activities, the buyer must register as a legal entity. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Submit an application to the city administration and register a legal entity in your name. Then wait for a response from Ankara, which may take several days.
  2. Register a company under a Turkish citizen and then buy it. This method is considered the simplest and most popular.

The cost of land in Istanbul ranges from 40 to 60 thousand euros per 100m2 (depending on the location of the plot). Real East real estate agency will help you buy a plot of land in Istanbul with maximum benefit for the client.

Why Many Buyers Choose Istanbul

The steadily growing interest in Turkey’s real estate market creates high demand for land plots in Istanbul and other cities in the country. Offers for construction plots interest citizens wishing to move to Istanbul for permanent residence and private investors.

Turkey is unique in that any property on its territory is considered an excellent key for investment. The price of real estate is steadily increasing, so buying a plot for building your own house near the sea is indeed promising. Investors can expect high investment and rental income in the future by leasing their lands.

With a population of over twenty million, Istanbul is the center of economy, culture, and tourism. Therefore, buying a plot here, the buyer is looking for long-term prospects and stable income. This offer is perfect for those who can invest with the expectation of profit. As the cost of land is constantly increasing, the benefit of this choice is evident.

Real estate, particularly land plots, is often purchased by citizens for resale at a higher price. In this case, we are talking about quick investments without additional costs from the buyer, as the plot is sold without construction.

If you plan to build on the land in the future, you don’t have to start construction immediately after purchase. Owning a plot in Istanbul is an excellent asset; its price will be higher tomorrow.

If Turkey attracts you as a place for permanent or temporary residence for the whole family, it is preferable to choose a plot overlooking landmarks or the historical center of Istanbul, or in the Bosphorus area by the sea. When choosing a suitable plot for individual construction, it is important to focus on the prestige of the area and the development of infrastructure there.

The recommended plot size depends on the scale of the planned construction—if it’s a house for one or several families, which includes several furnished rooms, it will fit perfectly on a plot of 500 square meters. For planning to build commercial real estate, the plot parameters require a larger area—starting from 2000 square meters.

Experts believe that Turkey will not lose its investment attractiveness in the coming years. A plot by the sea or in another area of Istanbul will continue to be in constant demand, so there can be no doubt about the benefit of its purchase.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Land in Istanbul?

The sale of real estate abroad is gaining momentum every year. Istanbul, like all of Turkey, is no exception—real estate here is in high demand. The price of real estate objects—houses and apartments—is rising quite quickly, and not all buyers can afford to buy a ready-made house, even if it is available on an installment plan. Therefore, many foreign citizens purchase land plots for construction.

Buying a plot involves lower costs for acquiring property. Moreover, you can build a house according to your personal preferences—layout, total area, etc. Of course, the construction process will take much longer than buying a ready-made apartment by the sea. However, this nuance is not considered a disadvantage for potential developers.

If you plan to make your dream of owning a home by the sea a reality, Turkey, with its comfortable climate, will be your right choice. A land plot for individual or commercial construction here can be purchased at different prices, taking into account its location and area.

Until recently, most foreign buyers preferred to choose the European part of Istanbul for buying land, for example, Beşiktaş or the eastern part—Bosphorus. Due to high demand, there are few offers to buy land there today, unlike the sale and rental of houses and apartments with the required number of furnished rooms, ready for occupancy.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic and increased hype for land, many citizens today choose a plot by the sea, away from the city center. Indeed, the pandemic has revealed to us the value of solitude, the opportunity to spend time with family, so more and more buyers strive to acquire a plot in the most remote areas of Istanbul, including its outskirts, near the sea.

Turkey is conducive to comfortable private relaxation on the sea coast, so a plot away from the center is valued by many buyers. Since these territories are constantly being built up and expanded, they also have significant advantages—developed infrastructure, convenient transport interchange, and other important institutions necessary at the request of citizens. We are talking about areas like Esenyurt, Çatalca, Şile, Silivri, and Beylikdüzü.

The rapidly growing real estate market in Istanbul, like all of Turkey, is attractive to foreign citizens. We will help you acquire land on favorable terms, selecting the best offers and ensuring the reliability of the transaction. Installment is possible.

How Much Does It Cost to Acquire Property in Turkey?

The price of land plots in Turkey varies depending on the selected region, the purpose of real estate objects, the presence of a percentage for construction, the prestige of the area, and other accompanying factors. If you have chosen Istanbul, a land plot will cost you from 40,000 euros per 100 m2. In the case of buying a plot overlooking the sea, the price of the real estate object increases by 1.5-2 times.

The sale of real estate on the first coastline is in high demand, despite the fact that its cost is quite high. When choosing a plot, contact reliable agencies that will help objectively assess the cost of real estate and the reliability of documents.

Do not search the internet. This is a waste of time, instead of making a deal as quickly and simply as possible, entrusting it to professionals.

Our agency has been working in the real estate market for many years, so we are familiar with its specifics and the intricacies of legislation. Acting as a guarantor of a reliable transaction, our company annually helps dozens of Russian families move to Istanbul, buying a land plot for construction there, or profitably investing their funds. We offer installment plans.

  • FAQ about real estate in Istanbul

    The Istanbul real estate market continues to grow every year. Today, there are many offers for buying affordable housing in Istanbul. The city is popular not only among the local population but also among foreign citizens. Buying a property is not only a good option for living but also a profitable investment. At the crossroads of two continents, on the shores of the Marmara and Black Seas, by the Bosphorus, lies a mysterious and fairy-tale city – Istanbul. Here, you can find bright ancient architecture and modern buildings. Its unique atmosphere attracts tourists from all around the world and makes them fall in love with it from the first moments 👉

    The real estate market in Istanbul is continuously growing. Properties are popular not only among the local population but also among foreigners. Many visitors coming to Turkey are curious about the price of properties in Istanbul in rubles. The cost of real estate depends on the area where it is located. In a distant area, you can offer an apartment in Istanbul at a price starting from 700 euros per square meter. In the central areas of the city, the cost per square meter can go up to 1500 euros. For convenience, the prices on our website are presented in Russian rubles 👉

    Istanbul is a city that combines the vibrancy of ancient East and the quality of European service. With its multinational population and diverse culture, this city attracts visitors from all around the world. The options offered in Istanbul’s business centers and holiday regions along the Bosphorus vary widely. Currently, there are over two thousand different real estate options available on the primary and secondary markets for foreigners to purchase 👉

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