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Houses for sale in Istanbul

During the pandemic and the forced isolation, there was a global increase in demand for homes. Istanbul was no exception. Everyone who could, decided to buy a house in Istanbul, Turkey, including villas and private homes, to somehow be able to enjoy the fresh air. The rest moved to their parents' in the villages.

Houses or sale in Istanbul are purchased for permanent residence or as a summer house, where one can come to rest and relax. Often, such houses are rented out seasonally, with the aim of earning income. Sometimes this income generation method becomes a business. However, mostly the rent collected during the season is enough to cover the compulsory expenses for maintaining a home for sale in Istanbul, Turkey.


Istanbul is a city of contrasts, a major center of economy, trade, and culture. Purchasing property in Istanbul for personal use or investment is a promising decision for foreign nationals. The city is rapidly developing, offering comfortable living and business conditions — with the constant construction of new residential and commercial properties, airports, highways, etc.

The growing real estate market in Istanbul offers a wide selection of homes and apartments, as well as elite villas and cottages with land plots. Each buyer chooses the perfect project for themselves, considering the suitable area, cost, and location of properties in Istanbul. The offer is in demand for permanent or temporary living, the possibility of profitable resale of real estate, or renting out an apartment or villa.

Real estate can be purchased at the construction stage, as a new building, or as secondary housing from owners. This can be an affordable cozy apartment or a luxurious villa in Istanbul, costing more than a million euros. Villas, as a unique real estate project, have been in high demand recently. Like other housing sale offers, they are subject to installment plans.

Owning your own home in Istanbul will allow you to comfortably come for family vacations or move to the country, obtaining its citizenship. Istanbul offers it to everyone interested in investing in housing. Turkey will become closer to you.

Дом в Стамбуле

Houses for sale in Istanbul photo

Houses for sale in Turkey

If elite homes in Turkey are beyond your budget, there’s no need to be upset. Unlike expensive real estate, there exists another category of private homes that are more modern and adapted for any budget. This category offers a rich selection of affordable houses and cottages. They vary in architecture and style, number of floors, size of the land plot, and the area of the house itself. An important factor affecting the price of such a house is its location. Every client of our company, Real East, will be able to find something suitable.

The price for such a house in Istanbul starts from 7,483,714 Turkish Lira. The price for a small house is 12,472,858 Lira. The price for mansions by the shore starts from 124,728,582 Lira.

Undoubtedly, there are very beautiful homes in the historic areas of Istanbul, for example, the colorful houses in the Balat district – this is an old quarter on the European side of Istanbul, where the Jewish diaspora once lived. This area attracts tourists with its atmosphere, photogenic colorful houses, abundance of other art objects, and interesting cafes.

Balat is considered one of the oldest and, at the same time, poorest districts of Istanbul. Despite this, the housing prices here are far from small, and finding something cheaper will require some effort. If you want to purchase property specifically here, buying a home in this area will cost between 850,000 TL to 4,000,000 TL.

When purchasing a villa or house in any area and for any amount of money, we always advise being cautious and thoroughly inspecting the place before agreeing to purchase it. Often, houses are sold due to mold on the walls or cracks that have formed after earthquakes.

Дом в Стамбуле
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Buying a villa in Turkey

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, with a population of over twenty million people. It leads in the number of foreigners arriving continuously from all over the world, making the real estate market in Istanbul reach colossal volumes. Hundreds of new offers for sale, rent, and exchange of housing appear on the market daily.

Many areas in Istanbul are represented by multi-apartment residential complexes where one can buy an apartment at a favorable price. Buying a home in such complexes enjoys high year-round demand and has significant investment potential. There are also areas exclusively made up of villas with detached or semi-detached houses, making Turkey unique in this aspect.

A villa in Istanbul is a real estate project with a higher level of comfort. A villa is distinguished by unique architectural solutions and planning carried out according to European standards. Villas are located on landscaped territories directly adjacent to the house. The excellent quality of construction materials and finishes of villas ensures the impeccable appearance of the buildings and the reliability of their use.

A villa appeals to those who value personal comfort, privacy, and the opportunity to rest from the city’s hustle, noise, and dust in their own apartments. Despite being on the outskirts or within the city limits, living in a villa makes you completely independent from other residents of the area and neighboring houses, offering total privacy. Many appreciate when a villa has windows overlooking the sea, mountains, forested areas, or the city’s historical sites. The construction of an elite residential complex takes these preferences into account.

Unlike real estate located in a multi-apartment residential complex in Istanbul, villas are built in several floors — two or three, and each project includes a private garden. Such a villa offers an excellent private rest for the entire family near the house on their own territory.

Villas in Istanbul guarantee comfortable living conditions for their owners. The price of a villa exceeds the rates applicable to an apartment, so they are exclusively purchased by affluent buyers, for whom Turkey and Istanbul should become a permanent or second home or a key to profitable investments. However, compared to Europe, the price of a villa in Istanbul is more affordable and lower.

Istanbul Map

Houses and villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea

The pricing of villas sold in Istanbul is influenced by factors such as location, size of the property, its novelty, and the area of the surrounding territory that is also included in the ownership. The price range offered by Turkey for purchasing a property like a villa in Istanbul is quite varied. A small villa can be purchased at an affordable price if it is located on the outskirts of the city or in a suburban area with a view of the seaside. A villa in a more prestigious area of Istanbul, for example, with a view of the Bosphorus, will cost significantly more.

Today, the shores of the Bosphorus are home to dozens of historic villas that have survived from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Buyers are often attracted to Turkey, specifically Istanbul, as a place to live permanently or to invest in real estate. Many of them choose this area in Istanbul to buy land and build their own villa according to their project. Another group of buyers prefers to purchase villas that are under construction or ready to move in. The project of such real estate is thought out to the smallest detail. Many villas come with comfortable layouts, designer finishes, a pool, a garden, and other advantages in the package.

Many villas being built in Istanbul are located in prestigious areas. Property owners have access to such benefits as 24-hour security, a private pool and fitness center, a safe playground for children, and a beautiful view from the window of the landmarks for which Turkey is famous, such as the historical center of Istanbul or the seaside.

The steady growth in the prices of villas and houses in Istanbul makes investing in real estate an economically attractive decision. With Turkey’s incredible development potential, new residential complexes and homes are built every year, and having your own apartment or villa in Istanbul means confidence in comfort, excellent service, security, and the opportunity to enjoy the view of the warm sea all year round.

How much do houses cost in Istanbul?

Buying a house in Istanbul primarily offers the opportunity to invest profitably in real estate. The value of an apartment purchased during the construction phase sharply increases after the property is handed over to the buyer. Completed housing, including houses or villas, is in high rental demand because Turkey is not only a tourism center but also the largest industrial region, hence a large number of jobs are concentrated in Istanbul.

The cost of real estate in Istanbul ranges from 700 to 1500 euros per square meter. The price depends on the apartment’s size, the area’s prestige, developed infrastructure, and other factors. The exclusivity of the housing, its status—houses and villas in the same area of Istanbul, will significantly differ in cost. The widest range of prices for houses and villas is observed in the secondary real estate market.

Apartments and villas offered in Istanbul are in high demand among Russian citizens. Everyone has their reason for buying real estate. Some are attracted by the favorable climate and clean sea, others value the eastern flair that Istanbul is filled with. Some real estate buyers plan to invest in houses and villas under construction to later resell them or rent them out—Turkey opens up many attractive opportunities for investors.

If you wanted to buy a house in Istanbul or fancy your own villa, we will help you find the project of your dreams. With us, you won’t need to browse dozens of sites and search for suitable offers yourself. Our agency has been operating in the real estate market in Turkey for years, so we know all the nuances of buying and selling housing in the country. Our clients have a unique opportunity to purchase real estate on installment under favorable conditions. Company specialists will provide necessary consultations on legal and financial issues.

Luxury houses in Istanbul

In the densely populated metropolis, homes are bought up even during the construction phase, whether by the sea or in a wooded area, the main thing is to be as far away from noisy roads and crowds of people as possible. Typically, such houses come with a separate plot, most often with a pool. The cost of such housing will be within the range of 10,000,000 liras. An elite house in Istanbul can be found on our website (options are always available).

Purchasing such property is always very expensive, as is its maintenance. Therefore, not everyone can afford to buy such a dwelling. Houses in residential complexes belong to the luxury class and are distinguished by increased comfort. However, their prices may be more affordable than those built outside the city.

The prices of private houses in Istanbul vary from 1,000,000 Turkish liras to almost infinity. It all depends on the area you choose.

A house on the Bosphorus in Istanbul is the ultimate dream of many people, but unless you have a million dollars to spare, all you can do is just walk through the streets with these villas.

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We will help you buy a house inexpensively in Turkey

Our real estate agency, Real East, offers a wide range of houses in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. If you need to purchase property for investment purposes, choose it on our website. We, in turn, promise to track the transaction from start to finish. Our offers for buying houses in Istanbul (Turkey) are only from verified sellers. Look for your dream home with us!

Wealthy buyers are interested in purchasing residential properties in the Sarıyer region on the European side of the Bosphorus. The cost per square meter here exceeds 3.5 thousand dollars.

In Istanbul, the starting price per square meter for a residential property is 5111 Turkish Lira, with the price per residence starting at 1 million Turkish Lira and above.

The choice of district has a significant impact on the future of real estate purchases in Istanbul. The Esenyurt district is known as a place where housing is available for every budget. The most expensive districts are considered to be Sariyer, Beşiktaş, and the Bosphorus coastline.

  • FAQ about real estate in Istanbul

    The Istanbul real estate market continues to grow every year. Today, there are many offers for buying affordable housing in Istanbul. The city is popular not only among the local population but also among foreign citizens. Buying a property is not only a good option for living but also a profitable investment. At the crossroads of two continents, on the shores of the Marmara and Black Seas, by the Bosphorus, lies a mysterious and fairy-tale city – Istanbul. Here, you can find bright ancient architecture and modern buildings. Its unique atmosphere attracts tourists from all around the world and makes them fall in love with it from the first moments 👉

    The real estate market in Istanbul is continuously growing. Properties are popular not only among the local population but also among foreigners. Many visitors coming to Turkey are curious about the price of properties in Istanbul in rubles. The cost of real estate depends on the area where it is located. In a distant area, you can offer an apartment in Istanbul at a price starting from 700 euros per square meter. In the central areas of the city, the cost per square meter can go up to 1500 euros. For convenience, the prices on our website are presented in Russian rubles 👉

    Istanbul is a city that combines the vibrancy of ancient East and the quality of European service. With its multinational population and diverse culture, this city attracts visitors from all around the world. The options offered in Istanbul’s business centers and holiday regions along the Bosphorus vary widely. Currently, there are over two thousand different real estate options available on the primary and secondary markets for foreigners to purchase 👉

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